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Players Pledge

Player’s Pledge of Performance During Travel

  1. I will respect the club rules, public and private property, and all people with whom I come in contact. I will not bring unnecessary attention towards my group.
  2. I will proudly wear Euro Soccer Club gear at all times while traveling with, and for, my team. My appearance is a reflection of, and on, the Euro Soccer Club organization. I will maintain a high standard of personal cleanliness and orderliness and will operate a clean and sanitary environment leaving whatever I come in contact with in as good or better condition than when I found it.
  3. I will respect others at all times and be mindful of proper language and gesture usage. I will be courteous to my opponent and will not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct. I will be courteous to other hotel guests, restaurant patrons and/or drivers.
  4. I promise to keep a constant check on all members of the entire Euro Soccer Club team.
  5. I agree to be disciplined. Any contact with gambling, drugs, alcohol or tobacco will lead to my immediate release from the trip and possibly the club. I promise to leave anytime ill-advised circumstances or substances are present.
  6. I promise to not compromise my physical performance by improperly caring for my nutrition or sleep requirements. I will not bring or purchase any inappropriate materials such as magazines, books, CDs, and DVDs.
  7. I will be mindful of the parent chaperones on this trip and understand that they are there to help the team adhere to club policy. I agree to listen and to obey their instructions. These chaperones only want the team to succeed on and off the field.
  8. I promise to be gracious when winning and humble when losing. I will totally refrain from making negative comments about anyone or anything.
  9. I will respect my coaches, teammates and game officials. Following the conclusion of the game, I will shake my opponents’ hand and that of the official crew, thanking them for the opportunity to honor the game by playing.
  10. I am fully aware that failure to comply with any team rule such as a stated curfew, attendance, dress code, schedule, etc. may jeopardize my status in the club and may cause dismissal.

Euro Soccer Club 2007